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How to Teach Your Horse to Move Off the Inside Leg with Serpentines

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Five days of rain on top of the Covid-19 quarantine has me dreaming of blue skies and quality saddle time! While there is still no real idea when the Stay at Home orders will be lifted, I'm still thinking ahead for how to prep my horses to get back in the show ring with a bang!

Here's a fun throwback photo to Hero and I working on serptines a few weeks ago. Anyone who has ridden with me knows how much I love, love, love serpentines!

Try this exercise! It's a fun twist on your "normal" serpentine.

  • Start by riding a three loop serpentine in trot, using the full arena.

  • Turn early, making one of your loops a little smaller, aiming for the quarter line before the rail.

  • As you ride the turn, leg yield out toward the rail. As you finish riding the loop, straighten your horse and change direction.**

  • Repeat on all the loops of your serpentine! Ride the loops incorporating a few steps of leg yield out and make sure you can straighten your horse (this is important!) as you change direction.

  • Once you can ride a three loop serpentine, try for four loops, then five! The goal is to make your horse soft and supple through the turns and quick to move off your inside leg to the outside rein, while still respecting the half halt and straightening aids.

**If your horse isn't confirmed in the leg yield yet, start here and teach him how!

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