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Training for the Horse

Laura firmly believes every horse is capable of doing dressage and dressage training will benefit every horse. 


The many horses that have successfully gone through her program are living proof of this.

Through classically correct training and thoughtful and careful attention to the details and nuances of each individual horses' needs, horses in Laura's program develop:

  • Strength,

  • Flexibility,

  • Solid fundamentals,

  • Ease of movements,

  • And, most importantly, confidence


A confident horse with solid fundamentals in place can accomplish anything.


Laura's thoughtful training program instills these fundamentals into all the horses she develops.


Development of the Rider

Riding dressage horses requires physical and mental toughness.  Laura works to develop both aspects in her riders.

Laura knows physical toughness both in and out of the saddle.  Her experience riding both elite racehorses and sport horses offers her a unique view on how a rider's fundamentals, including position and equitation, affect the quality of the horse's work.

Laura is also an expert on mental toughness.  Laura studied under the world renowned "Fearless" musician and performer, Jeff Nelsen at Indiana University. 


Riding a dressage test is a performance.  Laura teaches mental toughness to all her her students through thoughtful and mindful steps and preparation. 


Laura has the tools and the training to help you leave your fears behind you and deliver the performance of your life.

Show Coaching

For clients who have competition goals, Laura will be there to help you and your horse bring out your best in the show arena.  Laura will help you implement the mental toughness and fearless performance from her rider training programs into a successful show ring ride!


Laura's clients have won numerous championships, high points, and awards at local, regional, and national competitions.  Check out the Team LGD page to see our show team's success stories! 

OTTB Program

Laura grew up working for a Thoroughbred racehorse trainer.  While competing her own horse at dressage competitions, she was galloping thoroughbred racehorses to help offset her show expenses. 


Because of her experiences riding these magnificent athletes, Laura feels a deep connection to the Thoroughbred horse.  She is passionate about developing former racehorses into successful dressage horses.  If you have an OTTB, Laura can help your horse transition from a track star to a confident and competent dressage competitor.

Online Coaching Program

Work directly with Laura and learn her proven pillars to successful horsemanship no matter where you live!

  • Weekly one on one sessions

  • Training plans created for and customized to YOU

  • Videos from Laura demonstrating how to do groundwork and riding exercises and apply her method.

  • Questions as you're working with your horse?  Laura is just a text message away!

Laura's online coaching program is accepting new teams in



Click HERE for more information about TEAM LGD ONLINE and to book your FREE discovery call!


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