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Over 20 years of helping riders improve their riding skills AND their horsemanship!

You and your horse can THRIVE both in the saddle and on the ground!

In the arena at home...
On the trail...
and in the show arena!

Let Laura show you how!

Beginning July 2023


Work directly with Laura and learn her proven pillars to successful horsemanship no matter where you live!

  • Weekly check-ins 

  • Exercises created for and customized to YOU

  • Videos from Laura demonstrating how to do groundwork and riding exercises and apply her method.

  • Questions along the way?  Laura is just a text away!

Laura's online coaching program is launching


OCTOBER 1, 2023

Sign up before OCTOBER 1 and receive your first month 50% off!!!


Online one on one coaching with Laura - $159/month

Before October 1, 2023 - Only $79!!!


Work with Laura live!


Clinic Dates:

June 3 - Los Angeles, CA at Fortissimo Farm

June 24 - Lincoln, NE at Lincoln Equestrian Center

More dates coming soon!

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