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Improve Your Dressage Leg Position

Do you want a more secure leg position?

Are you constantly losing your stirrups? Do you feel like your legs and feet are bouncing all over the place? Do you feel like you have to grip and muscle your body into the correct position? Do you feel so tight in your position you can't even breathe?

Try this!

Remember two point position?

Even if you never spent any real time jumping, most beginner riders learn two point/jumping position.

Why? It teaches riders how to find stability, strength, and balance in their legs and core.

If you're looking to strengthen you're leg position, it may be time to revisit two point position!

  • Start at the Halt.

  • Find your two point position - pretend you're at the gym doing squats. You want that position. You want to be over the center of the saddle. Think about pushing your "tail feathers" to the back of your saddle and keeping your crotch over the center of your saddle. You do NOT want to be forward over the pommel of the saddle. Stay in the center.

  • From this position, see if you can move your arms. Can you put your hands on your hips? Arms out the side like an airplane? For bonus points, reach one arm to your horse's ear and the other to his tail... then switch!

When you can do this at the halt, give it a go while your horse is moving. Start slow... walk before you trot!

Try riding in your two point position. It's totally ok to rest your hands on your horse's neck to start. As you're moving, let your heels bounce deeper and deeper into the dirt with every stride.

When this starts to feel easy, try giving on one rein. Then give the other. Then give with both. Keep your weight down low into your heels.

Spending some time in two point position will keep your leg secure and strong. It will also allow your hands to act independently from the rest of your body.

Give it a try! Tell me how it goes!

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