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October Dressage Show at Mission Pacific Equestrian Centre

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Six dressage show rides and two concerts later (plus normal weekend lessons squeezed in there... thank you to my students not showing for being so flexible and patient!), we made it! And what a fun weekend it was!

Let's start from the beginning! Early Saturday morning... I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am to have horses that load well and students with big, open, friendly trailers who are willing to haul!

The LGD Show Team was out in full force!

Jodi and Pierce completed in Training Level Test 1 and 2. They scored in the upper 60s (68+ but don't quote me... it was a long weekend and my memory is bad) and won both classes!!!

Jodi and Deer Creek Sharp Arrow, Morgan Horse, Training Level Dressage Show
Jodi and Pierce head down Centerline

Sarah and Singer competed in Training Level Test 3 and First Level Test 1. For whatever reason, Singer was incredibly nervous at this show. Sarah sat calm and cool, and was able to guide him to first place in both classes (71+% and 67+%... again, don't quote me... a long weekend, a lot going on!).

Sarah and Special Blessing, Trakehner horse, Training Level and First Level Dressage Show
Sarah and Singer demonstrate perfect harmony in the canter.

Bobbie and Butters "leveled up" at this show. This was their first rated show competing at Training Level. They put in a solid performance (over 60%, but again, bad memory and no scores posted online yet for me to copy/paste from!) and came in 3rd place in a very competitive Training Level Test 2 class.

Bobbie and Butters, Norwegian Fjord, Dressage Show, Training Level
Bobbie and Butters showing off their beautiful connection!

And, finally, my girl, Stella won her First Level Test 1 class with a 69%, despite a series of unfortunate (but avoidable) events leading up to our class... read about the craziness here!

Laura and Stella D'Oro, First Level Dressage Show, Oldenburg
Stella and Laura head down Centerline

I'm so excited for everyone's success! The show management at Mission Pacific could not have been more kind or accommodating. I have taken horses to several other shows at this venue and, seriously, seem to have more fun at each one than I did at the previous event. Thank you, Jennifer, Mission Pacific, Ventura County CDS and everyone else who makes sure these events run so well!

Laura Goodenkauf Dressage winning rides at Mission Pacific Dressage Show
Team LGD (minus a couple horses)

And one more very big, important shout out to Sareen, Team LGD Show Groom Extraordinaire, who keeps everyone hydrated, looking their best, on time for their classes, and so much more!

Laura and Stella, Oldenburg Mare, with groom, Sareen at Mission Pacific Dressage Show.
Laura and Stella with Sareen. Calling Sareen, "the best," would not be doing her justice. Just know, you don't want to go to a show without her.

Dressage horses, horse trailer, Moorpark, CA, Laura Goodenkauf Dressage
Heading home... Look at that view!!!

And if you're new to Laura G Dressage, in addition to training and coaching top level horses and riders, Laura is also a professional French horn player and plays professionally throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. This weekend, she split her time between the show at Mission Pacific and the orchestra in Claremont, California. While the schedule was tricky, playing with good friends always makes the effort worth it!

Laura Goodenkauf and Matt Otto, French Horn, Claremont, Los Angeles, CA Orchestra
Laura and horn player friend, Matt, are all smiles beore the Claremont, CA Concert Orchestra Sunday Matinee Concert.

Whatever the job is... whether it's headed down centerline or playing a complicated orchestral section of music, it's always better with friends!

I'm very thankful for my tribe! Both my horse show tribe and my concert stage tribe!

How was your weekend?

What are your horse show success tips?

Who in your life (horses or otherwise) deserves a shout out?

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