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RAAC and Cool August Nights 2019

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Congrats to Team LGD riders Sarah and Jodi! These two cleaned up at the California Dressage Society's Southern Regional Adult Amateur Championship!

Jodi and Deer Creek Sharp Arrow - Training Level Novice Champion 70.345%

Sarah and Special Blessing - Reserve Champion First Level Elite 72.500%

Stella and I tagged along and entered the open show at Cool August Nights. Stella put in solid performances all three days of showing and finished the show with a 79.286% on her final test!

I'm sure it sounds like I say it all the time... and it's because I do, but I truly am so incredibly proud of my team. The horses and riders all work so hard day in and day out and it's always so exciting and rewarding to see that hard work pay off!

Cheers to the entire Team LGD on a FANTASTIC show season! Onward and upward to more successes, and more importantly, even more FUN!

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