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The Dressage Affair CDI***

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Team LGD just returned from the Dressage Affair CDI*** show in Burbank and what a fantastic time we had! This was our show team's debut show for the 2019 season and our horses and riders set the bar high!

Jodi and Pierce nailed their Training Level tests with scores as high as 71%!

Sarah and Singer rocking their First Level tests with scores as high as 70%!!!

And everyone earned qualifying scores for RAAC!!! For those following along who are not in Southern California, RAAC is our California Dressage Society's Regional Adult Amateur Championships--a show that's always a ton of fun and has great prizes!

Thank you to everyone who came out to show support and and even bigger thank you to those who helped groom and video! Sarina, Sara, and Jodi's parents--you guys are amazing!

And thank you to Glenda, Meghan, and amazing people at Cornerstone Dressage for always hosting incredible events!

Cheers to a job well done! We'll see you at the next adventure!

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